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Grey Water Systems

Patrol Plumbing has harnessed their years of experience and their motivated staff to provide solutions to pressing water shortage issues. The Little Grey Box ticks all the boxes. In addition to residential grey water systems Patrol Plumbing also applies their expertise to big projects that require detailed planning. Whether it be for commercial or industrial applications, Patrol Plumbing has a solootion.


With regards to installations our range extends from replacing a cracked toilet to large scale multiple home developments.  Over the past 19 years we have completed over 4000 new build plumbing installations and bathroom renovations.  We are accredited solar geyser, heat pump and HDPE installers.  We also ensure that our burst geyser replacements are in compliance with SANS 0254 and replacement costs correspond with the insurance rates scale.


The services we offer range from changing a tap washer to industrial geyser replacements.  We have invested extensively in tooling, equipment and training so as to offer our clients a comprehensive plumbing resolution.  The specialised plumbing services we offer include high pressure jet drain cleaning, drain camera inspections, leak detection with gas and thermographic cameras.  In addition we have substantiated sub-contractors, who we can call on for resultant damage repairs.


We are regularly contracted to draw up, submit & implement designs for new installations as well as upgrading of existing systems. The fields included in this service range from hot/cold/mains reticulation, waste stack systems, pump/effluent design and solar/heat pump installations.


We assist clients with various complex plumbing queries.  Using our expertise, track record and past experiences to circumvent unnecessary steps and get to the crux of the issue as quickly as possible.  Thereby eliminating additional expenses and providing timeous, cost effective solutions.

Water Filtration

Patrol Plumbing offers water filtration hardware and installation. The cost exercise of alternatives are mostly more than the traditional option of filtering your tap water. The whole family is able to enjoy fresh clean water right from their kitchen Whether for straight up drinking water, tea or cooking, with this setup you’re saving money and taking care of your dependants health.

Brent Krause


Growth Point Properties

“We at Tyger Office Park, are pleased to have Patrol Plumbing looking after our plumbing needs in the Park.  There have been numerous occasions where we were assisted on short notice and in emergencies by Patrol Plumbing and we are always confident that the problem will be dealt with effectively. Thanks again for your great service.”

Mpho Mokonyana



“Thanks a million for sending a team so early this morning, they were very professional”



Klaradyn Manager

“Net n paar woorde om my en die Uitvoerende Komiteelede se dank aan julle oor te dra.  Julle is almal vriendelik en julle diens is stipetelik.  In die 13 jaar wat ek by Klaradyn wersksaam is, was daar wenig klagtes.  Baie dankie vir die uitstekende werk en hou so aan”